Thursday, March 29, 2018

Fake Potato Salad {no cauliflower}

I'll be really honest, I'm tired of cauliflower.

This past summer, my mother-in-law bought me two g-i-a-n-t heads of cauliflower. I cleaned, prepped, and froze them to use little-by-little. I still have a little left.

And I am tired of it.

Really. Really. Tired.

But here's the thing.......spring, flowers, birds singing, sun shining......spring was usually greeted by my first potato salad.

I love potato salad.

I can easily eat it every day for every meal all spring and summer!

And the thought of cauliflower tainting the tast of my beloved salad was unthinkable this year!

Not that I don't like cauliflower in general -- I do. But I've not been a fan of every cauliflower substitute I've tried.

Some of them have been downright awful, if I'm honest.

Then I saw people using radishes.

I was skeptical at first -- I mean, they tend to be a little spicy. But since they were on sale at the store, I figured I could afford to try it out.


I can enjoy my potato salad again -- sans potatoes!

I may just go to the store on Saturday and buy out all the radishes they have! (since we don't get them year round)

Here you go.

Fake Potato Salad

Clean and trim one bunch of radishes and boil in pot with 2 eggs.

Remove from heat and let cool.

Chop radishes into medium-sized chunks and chop eggs.

Toss in a bowl with:

2 pickles
7-8 green olives sliced
1/2 cup mayonnaise
2 TB mustard
1 TB olive oil

Garnish by sprinkling top with dill and paprika

Optional: garnish with bacon bits

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