Monday, August 20, 2018

Supplements That Can Help Adrenal Fatigue

If there is one thing I've learned in my journey to recovery from Adrenal Fatigue is that you have to have every piece of the puzzle in place for real recovery to take place. If even one piece is missing, it simply wont work.

Every component is necessary.

One of those components is vitamins and supplements.

Before I launch into this article, I just want to say that I am not a doctor, nutritionist or naturopath. I don't pretend to know the cure for adrenal fatigue.

Anything I share here is what I was given by naturopath, and what I've learned from my hours and hours of research, and from my own N=1 experiments.

Many of them have worked, some of them have worked temporarily.

But I encourage you to first see a professional that can help you, and together work out a protocol that will help you on your path to healing and wellness.

The sad truth is that the food we buy today is lacking in the essential nutrients our bodies need. Whether because our modern farming practices deplete the soil of those nutrients or they have been processed out; we live in a time when it is absolutely necessary to replace those nutrients with good quality supplements.

This, of course, does not give us license to eat unhealthily - as we will see tomorrow. While, in the form of pills and capsules, we give our bodies what they need, we still need to make healthy food choices, because our diet also plays a vital role in how we feel. Diet can absolutely either aid our bodies or cause stress - something we are working hard to eliminate!

Supplements That Can Help Adrenal Fatigue

Vitamin C - the highest levels of Vitamin C are found in your adrenal glands. Not only does Vitamin C help to support healthy adrenal function, it also helps to relieve your body of damaged cells and inflammation, which cause extra stress on your body. One great way to get extra Vitamin C is to daily drink my version of the Singing Canary. A minimum dosage of 1,000 mg to start.

Magnesium - I read a report recently that most people suffer with a magnesium deficiency. Magnesium deficiency causes anxiety and depression, even aggression. These three symptoms are stressful on the body and increase the body's usage of adrenaline and cortisol. If you suffer with anxiety and depression, think seriously about taking a magnesium supplement - magnesium citrate or malate are best absorbed by your body. A good place to start is with 400 mg. If you take too much, it may give you a bit of digestive trouble, but it is not dangerous to your body.

Vitamin B Complex - The de-stress vitamin. If you are under stress, you need to take Vitamin B complex. Be sure you take a supplement with sufficient amounts of all 8 B vitamins. Here is an excellent article about B vitamins and adrenal health.

Pantothenic acid - As B-5 in the family of B vitamins, it is a great de-stresser and supporter of adrenal function, as it slows down the shrinkage of the adrenal glands. A usual dosage is 100-150 mg.

Omega 3 - This helps to reduce inflammation in the body and the stress it puts on your adrenal glands. Consider a good quality Omega 3 supplement to help aid your body in reducing unnecessary strain on your adrenals!

Probiotics - Much of the strain on our body, and fatigue we experience as a result, is due to an unhealthy gut. Probiotics help to heal that. They aid in good digestion, which aids in our bodies using more essential nutrients found in our food. They also help to increase our supply of healthy bacteria, which allow our body to fight of viruses - which lower our adrenal function. If you have a history of using anitbiotics, you absolutely need to begin taking probiotics immediately!

Licorice Root - Not only does it slow down the breakdown of the adrenal glands and helps to support healthy adrenal function, it also helps to aid in hormone production and increases endurance and energy. Licorice root is not found in licorice candy, so don't go looking down the sweets isle, you need to buy this in a supplement form, but check with your doctor first because it also raises blood pressure.

What are some other good supplement recommendations?

When I first began adrenal recovery, I took the following Standard Process supplements. I highly recommend Standard Process because they are whole food supplements and highly effective.

(disclaimer: I do not receive compensation in any way for recommending Standard Process and am not taking most of these particular ones now, due to the fact that they are not available where I live):

Wheat Germ Oil - Vitamin E
Drenatrophin PMG - A patented supplement for healthy adrenal function
Catalyn - Multi-vitamin
Clorophyll Complex - Vitamin K
Cataplex B - B Complex
Drenamin - A patented supplement for healthy adrenal function

I highly recommend these supplements as after only 30 days I noticed a marked difference in how my body functioned and a remarkable increase in energy.

Currently I take the following: Updated - 2018

3-times weekly I drink a Singing Canary - vitamin CVitamin C
Vitamin B Complex
Omega 3Vitamin DDenatrophin PMGAshwaghanda Powder (This is an adaptogen, which helps to regulate hormone levels by raising hormone levels that are too low and lowering hormone levels that are too high. It has been crucial in my health journey)

These three have been an amazing help to me in my health and weight loss. The multi-vitamin alone was more powerful than all of those vitamins I was taking above!

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