Friday, January 12, 2018

Week 3 Meal Plan

This week I'm going for simple. The kids start back to school this week, so I'm pulling stuff out of the freezer, using my crock pot and doing more modifying than actual recipe making.

Breakfast: 2 Bullet Proof Teas (Mondays and Wednesdays I'm doing school runs all morning, so not a lot of time for breakfast)

Lunch: Hamburger on a lettuce bun. You can also do a cloud bread bun. I do the works: Cheese, mayo, mustard, tomato, can also do bacon and guacamole.

Breakfast: Omelette topped with butter and breakfast sausage

Lunch: Chicken Stew (not thickened and with non-starchy veg)

Breakfast: 2 Bullet Proofs

Lunch: Zoodles and bolognese


Breakfast: Fried eggs and bacon

Lunch: (pulling something out of the freezer)


Breakfast: Cucumber sandwich

Lunch: Keto Pizza


Breakfast: Caprese Salad with proscuitto

Lunch: Shredded lemon chicken with mashed cauliflower


Breakfast 2 Bullet Proofs

Lunch: Leftovers

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